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My name is Mariana. Writing is my home, ally, and mirror. It is my method of self-knowledge. My path of freedom. My creative practice.

When I write I like to play. Explore the world around me. Give free rein to my intrigue about dreams, other forms of life, music, and the material and origin of words.

In past projects I have immersed myself in themes such as houses, my body, the forest, geography and silence.

*I have been studying and practicing Intuitive Writing for the past year under the guidance of Debbie Balcome from Canada, creator of Rain Down Words, at Lake Atitlán. I have also taken writing workshops with teachers I admire such as Martha Riva Palacio (Mexico), María José Ferrada (Chile), María Teresa Andruetto (Argentina), María Emilia López (Argentina) and Claudia Rueda (Colombia). I was part of the Casa Indigo Club, for literature made by women, during 2021.
I have been giving autobiographical and contemplative writing workshops since 2017. I love writing as much as I love being an interlocutor of the writing of others. 

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