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About grass
I visited the same place with open senses. First for a week. Then for a month. Then for three months. And finally for two years.

The place I visited is a lot that borders the ecological corridor of La Dulcera. It's close to the house I grew up in.

I started visiting it because it was the perfect place to sit and listen to the forest: to the nature that surrounded me. So I would visit it whenever I took the dog out for a walk. And in it we watched the sunset together every day.

When the pandemic hit, I kept visiting that lot. It was the only place where I could spend time outside my house. And during this time I saw it grow free, 'abandoned', because no one could work on it. Watching it grow and grow and grow, uninterrupted, I understood things that changed my life forever.

At the end of my visits we were all one: the lot, the forest, the landscape, the dog and me.

This book is a love letter to that place that welcomed me. Visiting it changed my life. The way in which its grasses and flowers surrounded me: the way in which its grasses and flowers and anthills surrounded the cement, the forest, the barbed wire, the body of my dog, continues to surprise me and move me to tears.

My heart experienced this forest's love. It was transformed by it. And eventually we -my heart and I- understood we were part of that love and beauty.

These photos were taken during 2020 and 2021.

The book is also the result of the Artist's Book Workshop that I took with Natalia López Lombo.

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