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About silence
​Aphorisms about silence
  1. I was born as a rabbit, a tree or a sea shell: in the silence of God who has no words.
  2. Yesterday I was scared by the sound of my own voice.
  3. Little by little I introduced myself, like a foreigner, into the language of others. 
  4. Did I forget the language I spoke before learning this one?
  5. I don't know how much time I've spent looking at clouds, petting animals, and making up scenarios in my mind. I don't know how long I've gone without moving my lips.
  6. I prepared for years a monologue that I did not present to anyone, and I cried because there was no applause
  7. I read secrets in my family's eyes.
  8. I was surprised at the content of the words that my family did not pronounce.
  9. I projected my childhood like a silent film.
  10. I remember a childhood without dialogues.
  11. Before speaking fluently, they taught me to shut up: Silence! Be still! 
  12. The teachers sensed a forest behind my silence. I tried to enter it and only found a tree and two birds that did not sing.
  13. Yesterday I opened the drawer of old photos. There was one where I was sitting on an elephant. I don't know who lived that.
  14. I dreamed of myself as a raging sea. I woke up and couldn't move my body. Words moved inside of me.
  15. I lived by this promise: "Now therefore, go, and I will be with your mouth, and I will teach you what you must speak" Ex. 4:12.
  16. I stand on the edge of the words of others.
  17. I choked on the words of the others.
  18. I threw up all the words I didn't say.
  19. I desperately tried to pronounce the name of God: YHVH!, YHVH!
  20. I reread a poem from my adolescence and realized that it didn't say anything. 
  21. I wrote against words: I found a non-verbal textuality. 
  22. I punished the people around me with my muteness.
  23. They punished me with the law of ice; They made me disappear
  24. I clung tooth and nail to everything that was in accordance with what I had decided to be.
  25. Yesterday I filed the nails with which I had grabbed the ravine of identity.
  26. I decided what my (two) essential secrets were going to be.
  27. The pain woke me up from a repetitive dream. 
  28. I made myself live everything to be able to talk about everything. 
  29. I rediscovered the first words that validated my discomfort: they were in referral to the psychiatric emergency room. 
  30. I screamed at the movies, at the funeral, in the classroom, at the family meal.
  31. I overwhelmed language by force of saturation.
  32. I'm scared of the amount of words in my personal text folder. 
  33. I managed to trace the origin and purpose of my fictions; I promised myself to distrust those who had forced me to believe in them. 
  34. Today words seem to me liars, elusive, autonomous entities. I have no ground.
  35. I try to break the worn leather of my silence, furious, stabbing it. 
  36. I stammered the same word for years.
  37. I don't know when I'm going to stop stuttering what I need.
  38. My mom told me: You lived in a bubble.
  39. My dad told me: We both have a degree of autism.
  40. Grandpa told me: What you write shames and offends your family.
  41. How do I talk? Do I talk like a woman?
  42. Do women speak differently than men? Do women remain silent differently than men? 
  43. I find and find cockroaches under some words: bulimia, rape, shame. 
  44. Silence seems to me a lying excuse: you can talk about everything.
  45. The pain woke me up from a repetitive dream.
  46. Today I went to analysis and I didn't want to talk.
  47. I imagined an interlocutor who would not disappear when I told him one of my (two) secrets.
  48. I was surprised at the meaning of the things I repeated: I only knew how they sounded. 
  49. Yesterday, swirling in pain, I wanted to invent a new mother tongue.
  50. The words opened a hole in my chest with a landscape that I had never seen before. 
  51. I sensed in the wall of my muteness a window through which you could see the next one. The next wall also had a window.
  52. I lull my words to sleep so they don't wake up crying. 
  53. How do I assert myself in misunderstanding?
  54. Yesterday I sheltered the chill or non-acoustic silence.
  55. Today I found myself shining like a Sunday morning and I didn't choose the words I was going to use.
  56. I gave up saying and doing what I thought for fear of losing the love of my family.
Texts produced within the framework of the project "Stillness is the silence of the body", by the mixed arts collective Yesterday I dreamed of an animal  (Ana María Lagos and Mariana Piñeros).
Typology of Silence

Silence as the only place of self-knowledge. Silence as a synonym of wisdom. "I was speechless." ice law. The pure silence. Communicate like a tree. Autism silence. Selective mutism. Silence as the maximum degree of complicity and confidence. Silence of meditation. Silence as an exit from the internal monologue. The internal monologue as a work in progress that no one sees or hears and is never presented. silent marches. Silence in conversations. "Silence occupies the spaces of risk". Awkward silences. chatterbox Silence of death. Missing talking to someone who has never been spoken to. Cinema silence. Movie theater silence. Silence of lovers. Do you like when I shut up? Shut up to write. Silence of the woman. Silence of the man. Silence of those who do not know how to speak the predominant language or the other. Meditate to learn to know without words. Meditate in silence Meditate speaking. Silence and solitude to untangle the mental core. Silence to get out of silence. "That owner of his language". Silence as a mask of sadness. Does the one who works in silence, in the shadows, have a double reward? Passive-aggressive silence. The silence of the sea The silence of the stream. The haunting silence. Is speaking, if not from one's own body, noise? “Silence full of forms and visions”. Silence forced, virtuous, worked. Interesting silence. "Calladita looks prettier." sexy silence. Clint Eastwood. Silence: abstention from speaking or lack of noise? When puppies or children remain silent, they are doing some damage. Why did my grandfather, who was previously my accomplice in silence, start talking to Alzheimer's? Silence of oblivion Are the things that everyone knows but doesn't talk about secret? Silence as an invitation to attention. anechoic chamber. Antecedent silence and consequent silence. Passive silence and active silence. Silence that is not interrupted. Decided absence of words. Is silence an entity with its own existence? Pause. To silence. Silence of the skeptic. Autonomous silence. Uses of silence: respect, acceptance, indifference, hate, reveal or hide, express agreement or disapproval, denote mental activity or its absence. The silence that is not used on purpose. The silence of the sleeper. Pragmatic silences. Contextual silences. Silences of indigenous migrants. Silence as a sign of mourning. Pronunciation error. "Don't even name it to me." Silence of rage Is silence something negative or positive? "Silence is only the framework or the context that makes everything else possible. And what is everything else? The surprising thing is that it is nothing, nothing at all: life itself goes by, nothing in particular." Silence from the answers prefabricated. "Mystical speaking is speaking against words." Mystical forms of language: oxymoron, paradox and negation. Silence that speaks of what cannot be said. "I return to silence to rescue the fragmentary, aphoristic, nomadic word, opposed to dialectic and totalizing". Silence as knowledge of the limit. Is the limit of silence a wall with or without a window? My muteness. "What cannot be spoken about, must be silent". Language as a trap. Silence as power. Silence as the double face of... of what? Silent opera "You have to talk about it". The unnamable. Silence as a form of language and an element of dialogue. Loud silence and soft silence. Silence of madness. Silence of Suicidal silence Moral silence Political silence Silence f face the horror Silence as an alternative. The silence after orgasm. Silence before and after death. Silence of the onlooker. Silence of the one who observes an everyday thing and is amazed. Silence has no time (or syntax). Logophagy. Silence from the babble. Silence of the judge. Silence due to the absence of an object. Silence due to the absence of a subject. The silence of gossip. “Speaking to (not) say anything is not not speaking. It is not, above all, not talking to anyone. Silence of disbelief. Silence that wonders why don't they understand what I say? Silence in front of the reality of the body. Silence of an operating room. Silence from the morgue. Hospital silence. Silence of pain Silence of the one who listens to the intellectuals (understanding them or not). Agreed silences: from the funeral, from the movie theater, from the wake room, from those who listen to a story. The silence of the spectator. Reader silence. Scattered silence. Silence of suspense. Silence of the classroom. Silence from the analyst. Silence of the child to whom no one speaks. Silence of the work of art. Clash between the expectation of experience and the limit of language. Silence of what comes from the other. Remove yourself as a recipient. Go somewhere else while someone is talking. Saturated silence. The palm up announcing the blow, in silence. The fist clenched in silence. Some fingers looking for a knife in silence. Pardon depth to the one who doesn't speak, because it seems to decide. Silence of which it cannot say anything about itself. Silence of the children when they are asked for the first time what they prefer. Silence that is unknown and asks itself: what do I like? Silence of the disinterested. Silence of the joke. Silence the redirected conversation: avoid questions, turn up the music, show a photo, point to a point in the landscape, "Look at George Clooney!" Silence when uncomfortable things are heard about the other. alienate Silence as a form of protection against doubt. Catholic silence. The silence of the town politician. Silence to avoid shame. Silence to avoid guilt. The silence that prevents action. The silence that postpones the pain. The silence of the unacceptable. Silence in the face of what is socially censored. Silence in the face of what has never been spoken. Silence in the face of what also speaks about one. Pessimistic silence and optimistic silence. Skeptical silence. The silence that says: wait and see. Silence of the promise. Is the silence of the promise broken when the promise is fulfilled? Silence of the one who fails. Silence of mistrust. Silence of the one who silences his doubts in front of the radicals. Silence that relativizes everything. Silence on religious experience. The silence of the embarrassed for talking too much. The silence that does not define posture. Is there an apolitical silence? The silence of university essays, of reading reports, of the third person. The silence of the one who fears that the other does not understand. The silence of the one who forgets a word. Silence of the one who raises his hand to speak, they give him the floor and he forgets the intervention he had prepared. Silence from the one with the raised hand and the partner says "exactly what I was thinking". Desperate silence. Travel without music. Silence as an avoider of avoidance. Silence that opens spaces. Acoustic silence. Non-acoustic silence. Silence simulator of acoustic silence. Silence of God Acoustic silence of God. Silence of numbers. Kinesthetic silence. Silence of the one who sings a song in an unknown language, repeating its sounds. Baby silence. Silence after one's own or someone else's sigh. Silence after telling a joke. dramatic pause. The silence of the one who is interrupted. The silence of the one who is listening. Ask for a minute of silence. The silence of social networks. The silence of the subordinate. The silence of the undesirables. Silence of hints. Silence of the one who loses the thread. Leave on seen The silence after a question with an obvious answer. Silence (temporary) after reaching the end of an emotion or thought. Silence of which too much has been thought. Beckett's silence: overwhelms language by dint of much talk. Silence about the past. Silence about the present. Silence about the future. Silence from sleep paralysis. Coma silence. Silence of Sunday morning. Silence of the deaf. "I came to translate the silence of our life to pass it clean before it becomes mute." The silence of those who sense something bad. Silence of the one who has a presentiment of something good. Silence of the aphasic. Silence of the depressive. Silence for those who feel disconnected from the world or for whom sounds reach them as if from inside a tube. Silence as a way of breathing. Can silence be a liar? Administrative silence. Silence as a (legal) lagoon. Resigned silence. Metalinguistic silence. Silence of peace. Calm silence. 0. Professional secrecy. Silence from priests, psychologists, journalists, doctors, lawyers. Silence from the wealthy neighborhood. Photography silence. Mother's silence. Silence of the sick Silence of the one who carries a horrible or excessively painful secret. Silence of social awkwardness. Silence in waiting rooms: airports, hospitals, EPS, lobbies, building or complex gates. "What is there, friend, on the other side of the silence?" Silence of the flapping. Silence of imperceptible movement. Silence of the one who twists in bed. Silence of insomnia. Silence of things that are not seen. Silence of the myopic without glasses. Silence of the blind. Silence of the night. Silence of the dark. Silence of the museum. Silence from the taxi driver. Silence of the service, Silence of the poor. Silence of the inhabitants of the street. Silence of the libraries. Silence of public transport. Silence of the planes. What is the Latin American silence? Have the right to remain silent. Silence of the dark in the theater scene. Silence of the stars. Silence of the typology of silence. The silence from which they come and to which all sounds tend.
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