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  • Mariana Piñeros Jiménez

What is Intuitive Writing?

I think about Intuitive Writing as I stop to look at a spider web in the garden.

It seems to me that creation is like the drop of dew suspended in its fabric.

Where did the drop come from?

Was it caught at night or in the morning?

Did it just started existing right there?

What about the cobweb?

How long did it take it to knit it?

How many days/hours/minutes ago was it woven?

The drop of water reflects all colors, prism drop. Increase all visions, magnifying glass drop. And it slides from one web node to another.

Now a fragment of the drop that I was looking at is on the petal of a flower.

I stop to write, and as I write an image of an African girl doing gardening work in an English house in the South of the United States flashes through my mind.


I could ask many questions to this image that appears to me. And possibly find answers. "Because I'm in the South of the United States," for example. Or "In recent days I have seen art that speaks of slavery", "I have seen art made by descendants of that slavery", "I have seen movies", "I have felt things".

What does all this have to do with me?

The spider web has 9 semicircles. 8 cones. It holds 16 drops of water, which sometimes become 14.

A delicate, uniform, drop of water travels from node 8 north to node 8 northeast. Who decides where the north is? Who decides where the count starts? Me? The spider? The drop?

It seems to me that Intuitive Writing is sustained in the thread of my questions.

Even so, it exists autonomous, fluid, multiple.

My job is to learn to stop. And to continue.


What for?

How often?

Now the girl has grown, and she's wearing jeans. She appears in my consciousness even though I try to pay attention to the drop.

Although I am trying to explain something to myself.

1 Comment

Feb 12, 2023

Wow ..:your words leave me breathless. So vivid that I feel I’m within the web.

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